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February 13th, 2022
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
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Blockbench is a free Windows PC modeller. For the open-world video game “Minecraft,” it was designed, but it may also be used to construct models for a variety of other uses. It’s completely free to use Blockbench! The project is free and open source, and the website is supported entirely by contributions.

You may use Blockbench to make 3D models, textures and animations for add-ons with ease.This tool is fantastic; it’s quite strong while yet being incredibly user-friendly.If you want to make Minecraft Bedrock Entities and Blocks, textures and animations, there is no better method to do it.

You may use Block Bench to create pixel art models with a low poly count. Models may be shared, rendered, 3D printed, or utilised in game engines by exporting them in common formats. Format-specific functionality may also be found in the Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft.

A robust animation editor is included with Blockbench. After you’ve rigged your model, utilise keyframes to bring it to life. You may make adjustments to your design using the graph editor. Exporting animations into Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, Blender or Maya and sharing them on Sketchfab is possible.