WoMic Free Download For Windows


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November, 14th 2021
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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WO Mic allows you to use your cell phone as a microphone for your PC. Purchasing a device will not cost you a penny. If you choose with wireless delivery, it’s also portable. It has been downloaded by millions of individuals who use it on a regular basis for a variety of purposes, including conversing, recording, and voice remote control.

In order to use your phone as a microphone, you may download the Wo mic app. After that, you may use your smartphone as a microphone to record anything you choose. You may use your phone as a microphone for your PC using this program.

You may use your Android phone’s microphone on your PC using WO Mic. It may be used for audio chatting, recording, and recognition, among other things. As with REAL microphones, it has a very low latency (*dependent on transit and surroundings).

You may use WO Mic on your phone or PC for free. The app makes your phone a microphone for your computer. For remote voice control, recording, and conversing, you may use this Wi-Fi app. Microphone by Wonder Grace and Air Microphone are two more applications that may be used to record audio.